Wednesday, December 15, 2004

stupid people

the idiocy of my school's technical crew never ceases to amaze me. today is wednesday, and the semester ends tomorrow. while some of the internet-based courses had finals that were administered on campus monday and yesterday, some of them had finals that were administered on the web site and graded automagically.

some of these finals administered on the web site haven't yet been finalized, and some students no doubt still haven't taken them.

tomorrow is the end of the semester and all finals and all classes end no later than about 11pm tomorrow.

so today the site is completely down. not just minor fubar, with html errors or something. not just problems with email getting hosed or something equally stupid. not even something like a server that answers with a 404 (file not found, the error you get when a page is missing or you mistype a file name).


the site is 100% down. no answer. timeout.

mission-critical systems that go down during critical times.

and they expect me to pay for this shit?

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