Friday, December 10, 2004

the i's of finals are upon us

today: geology lab
saturday: physical education
monday: geology lecture, texas government, american history
thursday: psychology

in geology, i could skip the final and still pass. in the rest i need to take them but it shouldn't be super-difficult. the one that gives me pause is the psychology one, and it's a good thing it's on thursday because that gives me a while to study.

looking forward, though, i'm going to visit my mother in san antonio the saturday after finals. i'm lookin gofrward to the trip. she has a very nice house, and it's quite relaxing. she's done some really cool stuff in the back yard, creating a natural beauty yard that's basically based on native grasses and plants. and she's thrown in some nice touches, like the little iron cutouts of a family of havolinas, and the bird houses from the university of texas and texas a&m.

the birdhouses are made of boots, with a roof on top. the ut one is painted in orange and white with bevo on the side of course; the a&m one is painted in maroon and white, and has the a&m logo, but there's no hole for the bird to go in and out.

i'm sniffly. i attribute the sniffles to semen backup. a girlfriend would do me some good right about now.

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