Saturday, December 11, 2004

free money is good

dear me

congratulations! you have been awarded the dr. charley wootan scholarship for the spring05 semester. this scholarship will be in the amount of $508. the award will first be applied toward any outstanding tuition and fee charges. if your tuition and fees have already been paid, a check will be ordered and sent to the address on file at the registrar's office. please be sure that this address is kept current.

to be eligible for this award you must meet all the criteria listed on the acceptance form that is enclosed. pay particular attention to any renewal criteria, sign the form, and keep the last copy for your records. the first two copies should be returned to your campus financial aid office or to the address listed at the bottom of the form. no award can be applied until the acceptance form has been signed and returned. if you are unable to accept this award, please call my office at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

our best wishes for your continued academic success.

rudy v. gonzales
vice chancellor for financial services

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