Monday, November 15, 2004

site transition

if you can read this, the site transition has gone smoothly.

i've moved the database off the old hosting provider and started hosting at home. as the dns change propogates, more people will start coming here. the old site will be left up for a few days but i won't be doing concurrent upgrades, so if you see posts appear and disappear for a day or two, that's to be expected.

it went smoother than i'd expected. the coolest part about all this is that now i'm fully in control of my hosting, i can do what i want easily and without a bunch of hassle about moving files from one place to another over relatively small pipes. i can put as much stuff as i want on my site and only be responsible to myself for how much space i burn up doing it. i was getting pretty close to my 1 gig limit at csoft. that's actually pretty generous, but since i host files for my geology class, it's always growing because i add lectures three days a week.

so just a couple more domains to transition away from there. katie is supposed to get her stuff moved eventually, but there should be no hurries because the account doesn't expire until february.

i can not tell you how happy having control of my own hosting makes me. now when mail goes down it's my fault. i can screw with it to my hearts' content and have nobody to blame but myself. and no more rude answers to tech support questions. there are apparently two guys who do support at csoft, and one is polite and helpful, and the other is a real shit.

anyway, onward through the fog.

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