Sunday, November 21, 2004

here we go again

yet another week, except this week it's short because of turkey day.

turkey day.

an american holiday supposedly about pilgrims and gratitude and shit. okay, whatever. really, it's just about money.

in other news: i'm actually quite pleased with my mail server setup around here. i've got some tweaking to do but for the post part it's pretty awesome. i can set up whatever kind of mail processing i want, and nobody will bitch about how much processor time it takes up. (my previous hosting service made me stop using spamassassin on their machine, and do it instead on mine, meaning i had to download the spam anyway, which was what i was trying to avoid.)

i haven't done anything useful in terms of log analysis, but this entry has spurred me to actually investigate. i'm looking at awstats so we'll see what kind of output it produces.

i did manage to get my email working in a web interface to the imap server, but in my heart i still like mutt best. if only nfs for windows didn't suck so hard.

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