Monday, November 1, 2004


as i sit here, i believe very strongly that this election has already been rigged. i have two predictions:

first, that we already know who the final winner will be.

second, that the person who will actually become president on january 20 is dennis hastert. i believe this because i'm convinced that one party or the other will keep the election results so tied up in litigation that the inauguration will come and go without a winner actually being chosen.

in 1988, when george bush sr. defeated michael dukakis, i was willing to live with bush as president because i was at least reasonably confident that the process by which he was elected was honest; just as people accepted gerald ford as president in 1974, even though he'd been elected neither president nor vice president, because the process by which he'd become president was seen as honest.

i don't have the same confidence this time. i believe very firmly that this election is rigged, that bush will win, and in time, it will come out that the reason he won was because of fraud and manipulation.

at least turnout looks to be good. in the precinct i'm working, tarrant county's 1167, over 40% of the registered voters in the precinct already turned out to vote early.

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with respect to a comment left my michelle on the last post: therein lies our disagreement. while i can't say i necessarily disagree with her sentiment with respect to choosing life, i can say that i fundamentally believe that this is a decision cecily and her husband were entitled to make, and that their choice should not be legislated for them. i support them in their choice not because i believe it was the right choice, but because it was their choice to make.

as for michelle's assertion that cecily's health was of primary concern to them as they made this decision, i take charlie's assertion with a grain of salt: none of us know what the discussion was in the privacy of that hospital room, nor in the privacy of their hearts. i do know that they wanted those children, and they would not have given them up if they felt there was another realistic way out. the flipside of the decision, though, is that if they made the wrong one, and cecily had died as a result, even if their remaining son had lived, how would that have been in the child's interest?

president bush would take away the right to choose. i believe firmly in choosing life, but i also believe that my belief shouldn't be legislated onto others, any more than i think all people should be required to wear jeans or live without underwear (even though i do both). the government doesn't belong in my bedroom, my doctor's office, or my marriage.

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