Monday, October 18, 2004


there hasn't been much that's been good. i should have been writing and getting some of this off my chest, but shit happens.

the pickup fried. blown head gasket. we're now running up the mileage on the minivan. joy.

i had to take my older son to the doctor today. seems he got some kinda something on his penis, of all things, possibly a bug bite. it swelled up to the size of a golf ball. some benadryl fixed it, it looks like, but it was scary and painful apparently. ian was most uncomfortable.

sue claims she doesn't want me to quit school but i know what always happens when i don't go full time; i wind up pissing the opportunity away. it's happened so many times i could cry. i'd really like to graduate with a bachelor's degree before i turn 40. really. meantime she quotes doctor fucking phil at me, like that self-righteous son of a bitch is going to solve everything for us.

but my grades, for the most part, are pretty good. i'm doing surprisingly well in geology, and i'm passing all the rest. except i have no clue about the stupid physical education course; we've had a bunch of assignments, but the idiot instructor hasn't posted any grades. we're half way through the semester already, asshole. how about some fucking feedback!

i got that letter accepting me into uta but the dickheads there are so totally unable to help me understand what they require that i've decided to skip schools. if i'm going to pay something on the order of $30k for a degree, i'd like a little customer service and someone who answers my emails when i ask questions like, "what requirements will be left when i transfer in with these credits?" the admissions department, the counseling department, and the political science department all blew me off. completely unacceptable.

unt, on the other hand, makes it so blindingly simple that they even put a pdf document on their website telling me exactly what courses to take, in my current school's course numbering system, so i don't have to even think or wonder, i simply have to accomplish. unt is farther away, but it turns out it's a better program anyway.

i'm migrating away from my hosting service and back to doing my own hosting, over the next few weeks. if i can figure out how to preserve my database. i've always preferred to do my own hosting. i originally went with csoft because i had a cable modem and couldn't run my own server; now that i've got dsl, i'm going to static ip addresses and will be putting my own server back up. so it'll be running web service, mysql for the blog, mail, all that jazz, for myself here at the house. that way when it crashes it's my fault and i don't have to get pissy with anyone but me.

don't forget to vote. like it'll make a difference. my guess is that it's already been rigged.

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