Friday, October 22, 2004

bush's attitude

sherry f. colb, writing for cnn, wrote a column about the differences between john kerry and shrub (as we in texas know him) over abortion, constrasting their town meeting responses to a voter's question.

i'll leave abortion for another post. but colb points out something that i've seen pointed out elsewhere, and that i've seen in the way shrub has behaved both as president, and before as governor of texas.

shrub doesn't think outside of his ideological box. at all. he's not capable of it.

his answer to the abortion thing during the town hall debate is a perfect example: you do or you don't support abortion. there's no room in his little box for people who find it morally repugnant but medically necessary and a legally desirable option under certain circumstances (like i do).

the famous "you are with us or you are against us" line from the post-september 11 speech is another example of that thinking. Except that in this case it makes a fantastic soundbite. yet there is little dissention within the ranks of his administration; he has surrounded himself with people who share his world-view.

You can see this in how the Iraq war has been managed: Even if the supposed no casualties comment never happened, his world-view remains that everything is going peachey keen, that there are no mistakes, and even if you agree the sacrifice is worth it, it should tell you something that mothers back home are taking up collections for body armor for their kids serving.

body armor. military operation. seems like you wouldn't do the latter without the former, eh? I suppose in a universe where the conquered are going to throw flowers at you, great. But when was the last time flowers got thrown at anybody in that part of the world? Even dead people don't get that.

What all this means is that shrub is someone who tunes out what he doesn't want to hear, or worse, his handlers don't let people near him who won't tell him what he wants to hear. this leads to a view of the universe that simply isn't in touch with reality. even if shrub himself is mentally stable and sane (and anyone who claims to hear from god i worry about), selective hearing is not acceptable in a leader with the power to condemn thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of people to death.

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