Tuesday, September 14, 2004


another week has gone by.

during that week a whole lot of nothing has happened. apparently students are wanting my geology website where i'm putting up recordings of the lectures for my own use at school.

i got a non-responsive response to my open records request about computer usage at school, and have asked for further clarification about it, and am waiting on that.

i'm still not taking my laptop up there my i may go ahead and break "the rules" because the machines in the tutoring lab are infested with spyware (claria) and i won't have my review of the school's website, or my investigation of other schools interrupted by pop-up advertising from bullshit schools. i tried to install ad-aware on one of the boxes today, but the box is so fucked up that ad-aware hard-locked.

so that's where we are with that.

i'm really liking the geology class, though.

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