Wednesday, September 1, 2004

two days in

two days into school, here's what i can tell you:

i may very well like the student assistant job, except for its drudgery. i'm doing computer lab support and am doing some tutoring. considering how hard i worked for the b i got in algebra, tutoring in algebra is a laugh for me.

i'm going to be up to my ass in allegators with all this work. the reading is going to be a complete and utter bear. there's so much of it.

my school has a fucked-up policy on student laptops. students essentially can not bring laptops to school. their use isn't permitted whether or not they're connected to the network, and the wireless network was closed several months ago because (holy shit!) people were using it. but i've never actually seen this policy in writing, only been informed of it by my work-study supervisor, and so i've written another open records request for an actual copy of the policy.


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