Tuesday, September 7, 2004

tutoring and other school stuff

finally did some real tutoring. taught some people to multiply by nine on their fingers. your tax dollars at work.

it turns out there's this special edition of my physical education book this sememster that's only sold on one campus (the southeast, i go to the south), and none of the other campus bookstores seems to know it exists, and even on the southeast campus it's not in the section for distance learning courses, it's in the regular section. the other campuses are selling the wrong book for my section.

so i spent $40 we don't have to buy this stupid book. again. other students are even more screwed because they bought the wrong book, opened the shrink wrap, and now can't return it because they've broken the wrap. i'm sure the scenes will be fun.

i'm still waiting on acknowledgement of my open records request on the laptops.

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