Thursday, September 23, 2004

here i am again

my posting has slowed down considerably over the past few weeks, obviously, because I feel pretty tied up with school and stuff. even if i'm not spending as much time as i feel like i should on it.

i think i did pretty well on my exams this week in texas government and geology. that leaves psychology, another geology exam, and american history next week.

money has been the other big focus, of course. the short version is that there simply isn't enough to go around, and nobody seems to give a crap enough to help. i'm in school full time and working; sue is working; and bad shit keeps happening. this week it's my pickup. the check engine light has been coming on over the past few weeks and adding oil has helped it. yesterday i started to smell burning antifreeze and the alternator wasn't charging hard enough.

looks like a blown head gasket. just what we need. yet another thousand dollar expense.

and of course my sex life is non-existant. i wonder sometimes what i've done to turn her off, and she says nothing. how the hell would i know. for my part i like ... well ... we won't go there. we'll just say that she always wants to be left alone. watching dr phil is more important. even at 3am.

between the money, the slowness of school, and the lack of a sex life (and my inability to enjoy my time with my kids), i wonder what the hell all of this is for.

my dad has promised to send me through a paralegal class. like everything he promises, i will believe it when i see it. it's a thousand dollars so i figure the chances of a check materializing are small at best.

so here i am, still depressed and spinning my wheels and every time i try to do the right thing (get a shrink, get married, get a car, get a house, get a job, go to school full time, fuck my wife, etc) the universe just shits on me. i'm getting pretty damned tired of it.

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