Saturday, September 4, 2004

the day's comments

today we took the boys to ride the train (our daughter being with grandma for the day). typically, benjamin didn't care one way or the other, and ian spent the entire trip scared out of his little wits. poor kid. but he's speaking to us again now. won't shut up, in fact.

in the car on the way over there, sue confessed that she spent part of the night last night reading my email because the dsl line was down and there was nothing else to browse for.

since i no longer use my home email address to correspond with my myriad of girlfriends (since that got me burned once in the past), it didn't really phase me too much. i wasn't real keen on her knowing that i'd been to a homeschool thing near our house, but that was mostly because didn't want to hear the ridicule of the idea, not because it's like some huge secret or something.

she categorically rejects the idea of home schooling for reasons that have as much to do with her belief that we're incapable of it as any belief in the superiority of public education.

still, she agreed to read a pros/cons list that i'd written for someone on the list and see what she thinks.

i suppose what's most irritating about it is that she basically refuses to even consider the possibility, and is unable to articulate any rational argument in favor of her position. her argument is stuff like "kids have to learn drudgery." what the fuck does that mean? That means that we have to teach them that learning is an experience only done in a place that's filled with negative influences that can be physically dangerous (especially if they're percieved as non-conforming)?

so anyway, i printed out my essay (previously posted) and we'll see what she has to say about it.

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