Saturday, August 7, 2004

thoughts on search engines

sitemeter, which i found courtesy of julie, does a number of useful things if you run a blog, one of which is tell you what people found your site via a search engine were looking for. some of them are rather interesting.

ovidril is a drug used during an ivf cycle, to stimulate ovulation.

ovarian failure is ... well ... pretty self-explanatory. what i don't know is why my blog popped up, because neither have ovaries, nor have they failed. on the other hand, a single page with "ovarian" and "failure" might have produced the hit; that would have been that long post about my experiences with ivf, where sue had ovarian cysts and we had an ivf failure. (bingo. that's a hit!)

sex "never had kids" vagina is something that ... well ... uhm. i suppose i know where this came from, but ... what gives with the terms? what on earth were you looking for, hon?

+"how to build a blog" +code is easy enough. either read michelle's tutorial, or use wordpress like i do.

a hemangioma is an ugly condition that usually doesn't cause any long-term damage; it's basically a collection of overactive capillaries just under the skin. you'd essentially think of it as a birthmark, but it's a big pain in the butt when they collapse in on themselves, break open, and get infected like happened to the one samantha's back. the one in her lip hasn't done anything like that, thankfully, but it looks ugly and will need to be removed before she goes to school.

preeclampsya is a life-threatening condition that amounts to high blood pressure during pregnancy. the effects can be many, and doctors take it seriously because it can kill both mother and child. sue had this. twice.

Lagunculae leydianae non accedunt is a phrase that popped up in my fortune thing over on the right.

what's most aggrivating about Fertility IVF program Guide after the implant of embryos is that i'm only one of two hits from google for this term. now that i've actually used it exactly like that, i'll be the #1 hit.

restaurant manager aggrivation staff from hell sounds like somewhere sue used to work.

but then what do i know?

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