Monday, August 16, 2004

technical support

netgear is on my customer service shitlist so hard that i'll never buy another netgear product again.

what happened is this:

many moons ago (think january or february) i bought some refurb netgear equipment: a couple of these and a couple of these.

what i didn't realize is that, unlike every other piece of refurb equipment i've bought, netgear's stuff is sold as-is without warranty. once the store return period runs out, you're not only on your own, they won't even talk to you about it.

i'd bought some of the gear for my office (the central office) and donated it. but i couldn't afford to replace it when it failed, and the office was forced to buy a new router. because of the price difference, the wireless capability had to go away. netgear wouldn't replace or even think about a refurb unit (which doesn't have a serial number on it), and their attitude, even for a little non-profit, was, "well, too bad."

so i decided never to buy their crap again. and i haven't.

i switched to linksys. as a division of cisco, i reasoned that they couldn't be all bad.

so i have one of these. and it seems to lock up every time i push large amounts of data through it (think a couple hundred meg at a time); the light gets stuck on, the computer reports the disconnect, and the only fix is to remove and replug the adapter (since it's usb). this happens on both usb1.1 and usb2.0 pipes. it doesn't seem to matter if it's lan traffic or internet traffic (apparently there's a difference i'm not aware of -- i was under the apparently incorrect impression that, to a nic, data is data is data, but the support droid informs me that there's a difference, although in his broken indian english he is unable to articulate exactly what that difference might be).

so we change channels. we change mtu (maximum transmission unit, which governs the size of a packet of data on the network). we change positions of the gear (which, by the way, were less than six feet apart, with no intervening walls). i even switch the linksys client-side nic to a different access point proving that it's not the access point and other client adapters from both linksys and other manufacturers.

so the support monkey's answer is that there is no answer and nothing else can be done and that's it.

that's it.

speak to non-english-speaking supervisor, who repeats the diagnosis. he's obviously unable to provide any other solution, and refuses to tell me how i can get any other kind of answer other than "tuff titties." there is no other solution.

but a threat to call corporate in california in the morning sends him into a tizzy, no no don't do that, but no i still can't solve your problem. so what other option is open to me?

you know, it shouldn't be this hard. it just shouldn't be. i hold plenty of animosity for support monkeys and the companies that employ them (especially when i used to do support for those very same companies and my job is now gone to the indian support monkeys). but i've also worked in enough call centers that i know how the game is played. and "nothing can be done" is simply a bullshit answer. and it's not even that i know more than the monkeys; its that the monkeys refuse to acknowledge the possibility that i'm anything other than a normal non-intelligent user.

being condescended to by someone with less knowledge than me, especially when they've taken my job, is very irritating. and people wonder why i express problems with these people.

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