Thursday, August 19, 2004

religious stupidity

a certain church has always seemed, to me, to contain more than its fair share of stupidity. here's proof.

what's wrong with this?

doctrinal statements have always been the province of churches. churches have the right to set standards for practicing their rituals and for specifying the way in which those rituals must be observed by their adherants.

but a basic tenent of every religion i'm familiar with is that the sanctity of life is inviolate.

consider: judiasm forbids the mutilation of the dead, but organ donation is acceptable -- even encouraged -- as promoting life.

at least in judiasm, for example, halachic law is clear: if engaging in a religious practice would make you sick, you are exempt from the practice. fasting on yom kippur is traditional and required, but not if you're a diabetic, because not eating for 24 hours can kill a diabetic.

in a religion that professes to support life, one wonders why it would require its adherants to practice rituals that would kill them.

yet when church leaders are unwilling to make exceptions to their doctrines that would preserve the lives of their worshippers, one must wonder just what these people really care about: do they care about the spiritual well-being of their flock, or do they just care about their little narrow-minded interpretation of the rules?

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