Sunday, August 22, 2004

more points

i added two more paragraphs to my homeschool pros/cons letter.

PS Con: Grades are usually used by children as a social status indicator, not as the guide to learning and achievement they are supposedly intended for. They sort themselves into “smart kids,� “average kids,� and “dumb kids.� Even if your child is very intelligent, if, for whatever reason, your child has poor grades (see boredom above), the situation can make her feel like she’s stupid or a failure, even when she’s not. In a home school situation, you will have the opportunity to help your child understands what the numbers mean in a meaningful way.

HS Pro: Family time. Home schooling forces you to spend time as a family, something that many people feel is sorely missing from today’s working family life.

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  1. Hey! I'm loving the info on homeschooling--it's something I'd love to consider, but my life sitiuation would really have to change for it to be possible. I taught some kids creative writing for a while, and some were homeschooled, some were in public school, and some were in catholic school-and the difference between them was fascinating--the homeschooled ones were able to embrace the assigments I gave them quickly and tackle them without fear, while the other students were complteley obsessed with what I thought and what I wanted. It was weird.

    I love the new look, btw, but this comments block isn't lit up all the way, and I can't see thelast three words of any line--hence the typos...

    And don't give up on meetings--have you thought about maybe trying some meetings outside of your intergroup? Maybe?