Tuesday, August 17, 2004

homeschooling responses

in the 24 hours or so since i posted that letter to the homeschooling mailing list i joined, i've gotten several interesting responses.

one extremely interesting one pointed me to a secular (non-religious) homeschool cirriculum.

it turns out there's a social gathering not too far from where I live tomorrow (well, today) so I'll be heading over there to see what's up and what I can learn.

a number of the folks on the list suggested i not look at the negatives of public school (there are many, of course), but that i look at the positives of homeschooling. or, perhaps more appropriately, that i draw up some sort of list of educational goals for my children, and that i then develop a plan to meet those goals, whether it involves homeschooling or not. a pros/cons of homeschooling vs. public school list might be helpful, and it's likely that you'll see it here in time as my interest and attention permit the development of such a list.

of course there is always sue and what she wants. i think some of it depends on how ian develops. but given his current personality, i can't honestly see him doing well in a public school environment.

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