Friday, July 16, 2004

open records letter i

Tarrant County College
1500 Houston Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Attention: Officer for Public Information
Re: Open Records Request

July 15, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is written pursuant to applicable provisions of the Texas Public Information Act (formerly the Texas Open Records Act).

I request book adoption information for five Fall 2004 courses:

HIST1301 – United States History to 1876
· Section 0023063 – Instructor C. Carney
MATH1342 – Elementary Statistics
· Section 0022861 – Instructor B. Tucker
GOVT2306 – Texas State and Local Government
· Section 0023056 – Instructor W. Hill
ENGL2307 – Creative Writing
· Section 0022925 – Instructor William Holt
PHED1167 – Concepts of Physical Activity
· Section 00223323 – Instructor Leigh Leonard

In particular, I would like to know the following pieces of information about books adopted for these courses:

· ISBN Number
· Title
· Author
· Edition (including sub-edition, like “expanded�)
· Publisher
· Status as “required� or “suggested�
· New and used price through the TCC Bookstore
· Price paid by the TCC Bookstore to the vendor per unit

If there are required materials other than standard books for these courses, such as software packages, self-published perfect-bound booklets, or other such material, I would like to know the relevant titles, versions, or other identifying information of such material, as well as its cost through the TCC Bookstore.

I have listed the information I wish to receive in relative order of importance. If, for example, compiling price information would delay your forwarding to me the ISBN number, titles, and authors, of the books at issue, I would prefer to receive a partial response rather than wait for completion.

I will accept your response by U.S. Postal Mail to the address at the head of this letter, or by email to [censored].

Thank you,

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