Sunday, June 6, 2004

what the hell

my boss's next ivf cycle starts next week. her last one failed as an ectopic. these are the re's who could get a rock pregnant, according to our high-risk ob. what do i know? worked for us, twice.

julie is living in fear. not in irrational fear, either. she's got it going good now but is well aware, just like we all are, that it could be snatched away for no apparent reason.

melissa is in much worse shape. for her, the worst has come, and it's painful to read about, even though i don't really know her and even though i've never had to go down her particular path. there's supposed to be a god somewhere, isn't there? what's the point of all that?

tertia has been there too, but for the moment is just hanging on and reacting to what's happening in the blogs around her. she's currently pregnant, and i hope it goes well for her too.

i'm sure i'll get flamed for a message i posted to the qf list where i said i refuse to believe in a god who curses the unborn.

maybe i should stop reading these ladies' blogs. sometimes they're funny and heart-warming ... sometimes they're depressing, especially considering my infertility experience.

i still can't help but love them all.

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