Saturday, June 19, 2004

sam, surgery, and stuff

sam's nasal surgery was yesterday. it seemed to go okay. we did that and while she was in recovery i bailed out and went to the school thing for a while, tramping around some museums. i couldn't deal with it; i left at lunchtime. my feet hurt too badly and i couldn't take the awful lectures.

today it's been one screaming baby episode after another. ian throwing food and hitting the twins; the twins crying; ian crying; ben doing his end-of-the-world-screaming routine; i simply couldn't take it anymore. they'll be safe, if bored, in their cribs, and i won't go crazy with the crying. so ... they can be there for a while. self-protection.

my teeth hurt and i'm still crazy bizzy with the stupid phys-ed and the art class. i did find the stuff i wanted to do an essay on tho. nice nice. naked girl. :)

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