Tuesday, June 1, 2004


sunburn sucks. sue decided a few weeks ago she wanted to take the monsters to the beach so they could eat dirt and risk drowning for a while, and we finally managed to do that yesterday. we went up to her parents' place and sat in the nasty brackish water while the waves from the noise-things rolled in.

ian, for his part, spent about two-thirds of our time on the beach and in the water seriously not liking this stuff. our most timid child, he didn't want mommy or daddy to let him go even in less than six inches of water. the child is two and he's deathly afraid of anything new, so this new experience of being in non-bathtub and non-swimming pool water was major not-fun for him. it apparently took sue three days to sit in the water at the swimming pool last year.

benjamin was only slightly less unhappy with this situation. he never really got the idea that it was safe to play in the water either, and wouldn't let go of mom or dad. he did find dirt very tasty, though.

samantha, bless her adventerous soul, decided that this water stuff was pretty interesting and was willing not only to let go of mom and dad, but to play in the silly stuff and splash around some.

both ian and i got a sunburn. he apparently burned semi-badly on his face. i burned on my arms some, and my face feels different but since i can't see it while sitting in front of my computer writing a blog entry, i can't tell you how bad i'm burned.

but ... at least julie has some good news.

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