Saturday, May 29, 2004

School Registration

My school has a totally awful registration system that apparently is outsourced. It has the unpleasant feature of being totally down from midnight Saturday morning until 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. That's right, you can't register, look at your grades, drop courses, print a transcript, or anything similar all day Sunday or Monday. If I'd designed such a system with that much downtime during critical business hours (like, uh, Monday), I'd be working in Redmond.

So I've been trying to use it tonight to plan my school activities for Fall 2004, since registration opens June 15. I'm not having much luck.

If I get really lucky, I will have completed the core and be able to transfer out by the end of Fall 2004. If I haven't finished the core by then, I will be in the unfortunate position of having to take only one or two classes for Spring 2005. That's not healthy if you intend to not waste your money but go fll time. Finding things that will transfer will get much, much harder.

Bad bad.

But if I can:
a) Stuff one ITV course into Summer 1, and
b) Stuff one or two ITV courses into Summer 2, and
c) Stuff two labs and a science lecture into Fall on Tuesday and Thursday before, say, 2pm, and
d) Take the second science lecture by ITV in fall, and
e) Make it to all the orientations, and
f) Pass all that,

then I have a shot.

The big downside is that I'll have to take US History Before 1876 to complete the history requirement. I wanted to take Texas history, but they're not offering it in any configuration I can make work with my schedule.

Of course that all presupposes I can find a school I want to go to that will take my transfer.

I hate this. Mostly I hate my school's registration system.

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