Friday, May 21, 2004

QE7 Shoot Part II

So, I did the 46 minute version of the home walk-through. Blah. Sue watched part of it and decided it was too long and made me reshoot it. So I did. We cut the entire thing down to 27 minutes. The tape goes to FedEx this morning.

I also included a letter with it. I won't reprint the letter because I'm having trouble doing a copy-and-paste in Gnome.

Anyway, it's done, and now we wait. My mom's best friend said that they're apparently doing six episodes in the Dallas area, that each shoot is actually a week long despite it being cut to look like only a single day (-three-days-shopping-!), and that they'll be shooting in Dallas in August and September.

The casting guys called today and asked me to shoot my tape this weekend and get it to them Monday or Tuesday, not knowing that I'd already planned to shoot tonight and get the tape to them Monday A.M.

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