Monday, May 17, 2004


So Sue and I talked a little bit about all this. She's game. Who knows where it'll go. We think my suit on the floor of our closet, covered in cat fur, will be a big selling point. (Send it to Tragicistan.)

I'm sort of ambivolent about my answers to some of their questions, and I'm not real certain how I'd want to handle "the big reveal." Something nice and romantic with Sue. A weekend away from the rugrats would be fun, because we don't get many of those.

I'm guessing I'll want to shoot some of the video away from Sue, who's agreed to "hold the camera." I may want to include some written material, or some stuff about myself on the tape after Sue isn't around. I dunno.

I talked to Her Dogliness about all this too and I got a 20 minute lecture about how I need to seriously want to improve my life to make any of this work. Her typical spiel.

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