Monday, May 17, 2004


So I got the email. Here are the relevant portions:

1. A short interview telling us basic facts about you. Have a friend or
relative hold the camera, and let?s hear you answer the following questions:
Give as much detail as possible, and try to have fun. Don't be too stiff!

* What is your name?
* How old are you?
* What do you do for work? What does that entail? Tell me a little more about a typical day there for you. Do you enjoy your work?
* Are you married? (If so, what does your wife do? How long have you been together? Do you have children? How old?)
* Who sent us your application? How do you feel about a (or why do you want to) change? Why do need a makeover?
* What would your reveal event be like?

* With spouse /significant other (if applicable) (approx. 2 minutes)
* What is your name?
* How do you feel about a change for your husband/boyfriend?

Of the 5 aspects of Queer Eye, (grooming, culture, fashion, food and wine, and interior design) which do you think your husband/boyfriend could use the most help with? Why?

1. Take an on-camera tour of your living space and narrate as you go.
Walk through the house/apartment briefly introducing each room and what objects or pieces of furniture are important to you and why.

What would you like to see changed and what does you want to remain the same? Show us your bathroom, your grooming products, your clothes in your closet, whats in your fridge and cabinets, etc. We want to see how you really live.

Show us the single material object you own that is most important to you and tell you a little bit about it.

2. Finally, go the the five areas of improvement: FASHION,GROOMING, INTERIOR DESIGN, CULTURE, AND FOOD AND WINE, and tell us how you feel in each area, and what you feel you need most from the FAB FIVE.

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