Sunday, May 23, 2004

nerdly notes

audio conversion from audible format to mp3 format ... is slow and painful. but it's going. her dogliness has offered a cpq machine for the purpose. it's some kind of old pentium ii job with 64 megs of ram, and at some point in the distant past i put a 5 gig hard drive into it. but it's too slow to do much other than real-time rip and it doesn't even have the hard drive space for that. i may have solved that problem by sticking on the old usb 1.1 hard drive onto it. that drive is 20 gig and has enough working space for what i want to do with it. maybe the cpq machine is slow enough that it won't choke because the drive is so slow.

michelle has been offering me some tips and tricks in setting this monster up. the all lower-case is a css tip she offered, and i'm enjoying it very much. i think the next thing i have to do is fix the color scheme. the blue is better than the default army grey-green, but not as good as i'd like it to be. will hafta mess with it some. not that i actually expect anybody much to see it.

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  1. btw, was an awesome resource for mt help -- and she's moving to wp because of the mt license drama. she might have info that you'd be interested in! :)