Monday, May 24, 2004


gentoo's admin-level interface is considerably different than most other distributions. it uses sysv-init, unlike my much beloved slack, and has a reasonable package management system, near as i can tell, like debian. it doesn't seem to suffer (yet) from the stupidity of rpm hell, so that's a plus. some of the very largest pieces of most systems (gnome, kde, X, and oo) are available precompiled if you want them. i've got a big and fast enough machine that i'm going ahead and compiling it all myself.

i don't understand why, tho, the oo source install depends on the blackdown jre, instead of the sun jre which i already have installed. oh well. whatever.

i got eterm working, which is my choice of x terms. mej is a cool guy too.

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  1. What about JDS? Didn't want to try that one yet?

    Btw, you need to pop online sometime today, I need to axe [sic] you something about WP. :-)